Everything for the bodywork came from either Halfords or B&Q. Total spend was around £70. The rust was stripped back with an orbital sander – back to bare metal in some places, and the dent was attacked with a rubber mallet and then some filler. The heavy area of rust were then primed.

Next step was to hammerite the whole thing – matt black.
First time ’round a paint brush was used and put it on pretty thick – as a base coat. Big mistake! Hammerite is heavy and runs very easily, but sets as hard as metal. So the result was having to spend nearly two days stripping the whole thing back with an orbital and then applying a new coat – this time using a radiator roller. Much better, should have done that the first time. The top coat was genius: matt black
blackboard paint. £12 for a big tin (of which only used half was used),
with 4 thin coats applied in the end to get a smooth finish.

The bumpers were initially sprayed with halford Bumper paint, which went on well but a can didn’t stretch very far. So the roller came out again and both bumpers were covered in Hammerite. As would look crap as soon as it rained, it was experimented on with a good coat of clear turtlewax all over. Half an hour to do, and it did the trick. Better still, whilst it stopped the rain from streaking, it still allowed the surface to work as a massive blackboard.

The look was finished off by painting the steel wheels in black Hammerite and adding a set of gunmetal wheel trims from Halfords for £20. It really worked!


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