How best to go about your blogging and tweeting?

So you’ve got your twitter account and are starting to amass some followers. But how do you make your tweets work for you? how do you tweet traffic to your website and/or blog?

Here are some key recommendations from the recent Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose:

  • Automatically tweet your blog headlines (only) – examples show sites drawing 13% of direct traffic from Twitter.
  • Selectively follow those that follow you and thank them for following you.
  • Make it conversational, not broadcast.
  • Make sure you have Blog categories setup, but not too many…
  • One best practice is to tweet on your company account and close with your @twitter name.
  • Don’t cut off your tweets – make sure it doesn’t appear like a feed that got cut off at 140 characters.
  • Users can ask questions, float ideas and solicit feedback on Twitter – and expect pretty quick replies most of the time.
  • Use a good Twitter bio (without a sales spiel)
  • Tweet at a consistent frequency.
  • Use TweetDeck to manage your conversations.
  • Use hash tag in your tweets and to search for real people that are talking about relevant keywords.
  • Don’t follow spammers!
  • Re-tweet good tweets!
  • Reply to people that use your brand name.
  • Stop automatically following people using bots.  Talk to people- have a conversation.
  • Track how many people are clicking on your shortened URL (Ie.
  • Tweet before and after you go somewhere so you can have a “tweet up”.

[Blog post originally on Brightfire Blog: Nov 9th ’09]


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