The old A-Team van

After successfully proving the 2-grand van concept worked, and providing a vacation-mobile for some of the greatest trips ever had in the UK, the old van finally went to the big scrapyard in the sky. A big list of jobs and more than half the original budget were required to get it through the MOT, so any useful components were lifted from it and used on the new Harvebago.

For the initial van it took about a month to get it on the road in a useable state to meet the own ‘rules’ of the 2-grand van concept – working utilities, space to sleep and carry kit, and with the bodywork looking smart. It didn’t stay plain for long, and over it’s first summer the van took a number of guises, which changed after every shower of rain (click images below for galleries).

The van well and truly served its purpose as base camp for a couple of teams at 10 under the Ben 2008 – providing catering, shelter, and kit transportation. Beyond that it was been great for going biking and rafting trips and days out.

With it’s distinctive livery, the van was been seen at events, rivers and trails across Scotland and elsewhere in the UK.

And the van was made use of for some great road and camping trips – Skye, the Scottish Highlands and West Coast, Loch Lomond…
Full use was made of the van utilities, but around the van more than in it and tents were generally favoured over sleeping inside (although it could be done).

On the trip to Skye, an accidental ’stir’ of the gearbox damaged the linkage system and left it with just reverse, second and fourth gears. A roadside fix was bodged, though, and the final repair cost just £20 (see running costs).


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