Work units

The units and bed were built from MDF and plywood. 12mm MDF was used for the units, which was easy to cut with a hand, circular and jigsaw, and 18mm plywood was used for the bed. A few lengths of 12×12mm and 24×24mm pine were needed to support elements of the units and bed. The front piece of the bed had two steel legs screwed to it, which were £3 each from B&Q. The timber cost around £90 from a local mercant using a trade account, but if it was bought at B&Q it would have probably only cost another £30.

Suppliers for the fridge were researched. Rainbow and O’Leary’s were comparable on price to the local caravan supplies store for the 3-way 240v/12v/LPG 40litre fridge that was bought, but there were cheaper 12v-only alternatives (see comparison chart). Being top-opening, this was fitted on 2-way runners, so it could be accessed both inside the van (forward of the sink which it is stowed under) and outside (from the side door).

The SMEV sink was second-hand but unused from a car-boot sale aimed at caravaners (Livingston, EH54). At £40 it was a bargain – especially as it came with a 12v pump, and would have cost over £100 otherwise from Rainbow or O’Leary’s. Sufficient domestic plumbing supplies were available as leftovers from a recent domestic kitchen being fitted, so again you don’t always need the specialist parts to get the job done.

The hob and grill are a standard Royale camping set-up, for which a special shelf was built for within the units configuration. A channel was made for the pipe back to the regulator and gas bottle stowed on the outside (door side) of the units. A note of caution though: reading ‘the’ book, gas cyclinders must be stowed in a special case within the van, so this setup wouldn’t be compliant. Drop-out gas holes in the floor are also required.  Amdro get around this by using an alcohol-fuelled stove, but this doesn’t have the grill facility.


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