Planning: at the heart of every great online development

Everyone seems to want, understandably, to hit the ground running when starting a new web project and get things out there in the public domain as quickly as possible. However, with a wee bit of planning work up-front you can reap greater dividends in the long run. So let’s look at how intelligently applying some planning protocol to your digital developments can help save time and money, and make a much greater impact on your audience.

I’ve come across many clients who’s past experiences with digital developments have involved web designers who have paid little or no attention to the aspects of planning. Their approach has been to charge into the build stages with limited preparation based on past work and blindly assuming that the project will be immune to problems.

This seems somewhat strange. Surely planning is integral to almost every project?

You wouldn’t have a building constructed without a blueprint, nor would you be likely to throw a corporate event without at least thinking who to invite, where it will take place, what the occasion will be.

If we explore the building analogy a little further, we highlight a useful parallel with the online environment:

Say you want to extend your existing home? you’ll maybe opt-out of involving an architect because you can use a builder who’s successfully completed dozens of extensions – all without any real problems, generally due to the limited complexity of the jobs. But if you want to build a new house from scatch then you’ll most likely consult an architect – or at least your builder will. This is because there’s much more to consider: there’s nothing there to start with; there’s many more functions to consider into the requirements – generally a greater chance of things going wrong.

Unfortunately, many people on the web decide they’ll throw caution to the wind and build a website as if their throwing up a quick extension, and without the knowledge and planning essential to making sure it won’t fall down.



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