What to do when you bring your campaign to an end…

Having just this week closed a successful campaign for Vamosa (eCOG), I thought this would make an interesting post:

A campaign rarely continues indefinitely as part of its plan, but similarly it can be detrimental to the overall effect of your campaign if you end it too soon – such as on a pre-determined date, set during the campaign planning phase. Equally a particular channel might not prove to be working for the campaign – with the resulting limited audience interaction looking bad for your brand and campaign. It’s therefore a good idea to set indicators for your campaign to highlight when it’s time to draw things to a close.


  • Notable drops in your campaign following or visitor levels
  • Notable drops in your campaign affinity (such as less retweets or comments to posts you make)


It can be very detrimental to a brand if it suddenly stops communicating with an audience as it has been previously. One of the key constructs of social media is the two-way nature of conversation: your audience is empowered at least as much as your brand is, and so it is rarely appropriate to sever a channel outright.

Therefore, beyond establishing the parameters by which you will decide to draw your campaign to a close, you also need to do with the campaign following or fan base.

For example, on Facebook you might decide to migrate your audience by merging your campaign page into permanent brand page. This is increasingly common practice, but still demands that you ‘ease’ your audience into this by communicating with them in advance: they won’t always take kindly to finding they’re ‘following’ a particular brand all of a sudden – with no apparent explanation. Alternatively you might leave a permanent message on your campaign page and direct followers to your permanent brand page.

Similarly, on Twitter, you could release a series of notices advising your following that the campaign is drawing to a close, with the option of directing your audience to a particular website, landing page, permanent brand twitter account, or alternative social media channel.


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