Strategy & Branding :: considerations in the modern age

In an increasingly fragmented communications world where digital dominates it’s difficult to work out how best to reach your customers. Marketing rules are being re-written, customers are calling the shots and they’re not easy to impress.

As a planner and strategist I’m obsessed with helping clients deliver the right message to the right audience through the right media. Increasingly that means online. I like to start by understanding the end customers, markets and the competition – delivering insightful analysis that creates a platform for innovative digital marketing and business communications that help grow business for my clients.

In my opinion there’s little point in taking your business communications online if there’s no clear ROI to it. For that you need a communications strategy that will deliver. I’m also keen to ensure that any solutions commissioned are appropriate for the audience to engage with and to meet business goals. I choose to work for an agency that’s not in the business of just saying ‘yes‘ – but who like to ask ‘why?‘ first. I’m a firm believer in working collaboratively with clients to develop the right brief to effectively meet the challenges of audience engagement: a flexible approach tailored to meeting your specific requirements and budget. After all, there’s no rationale to implementing a strategy that drains the business of financial resources that leaves day-to-day marketing operations constrained.

5 steps to effective barnding

The effectiveness of your brand is key to your success in engaging with your audience online. It’s my belief that an effective brand lies at the heart of an successful communications strategy. Your brand is your business.

To create a brand that will deliver, we first need to understand where you want to be, what the new horizon means and what your future vision will look like. From this we take a structured approach to building the relevant brand and communication assets required to deliver success.


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