Adam Haynes’s Art Gives New Meaning to ‘Breaking Wave’…

Found this great article of Steve Casimiro’s blog:

If you’ve seen any of Nike 6.0’s branding, you’ve seen Adam Haynes’s artwork. The skate brand built much of its early identity around Haynes’s detailed, extravagantly imagined scenes. Well, Fuel TV saw the brilliance in his illustrations and commissioned him to put his line-drawn world into motion as a short promo for the channel. I’ve dropped a screen grab to entice you–you can check out the animated work here.

The Fuel branding spot is obviously self-serving, but it’s yet another positive example of what might be called corporate patronage. Nike supported British artist James Jarvis so he could make the amazing Transcendent Almost Psychedelic Experience of the Simple Act of Running (if you’re a runner, you HAVE to watch). Telluride made possible the soulful, almost spiritual ode to skiing by Ben Knight (if you’re a snow fan, you HAVE to watch). And this ad for Zimtstern snowboard apparel turns advertising into a kind of art (if you’re a snowboarder, ditto…).

[blog first posted at The Adventure Life 22/01/10]


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