50 Questions to Ask About Your Web Site

Recently I conducted an outstanding project brief session with a company that is undertaking a top-to-toe revamp of their public web site.  The goal of the session was to identify what has worked with the current site as well as what needs improvement in all three spheres: front end, back end, and marketing/business case.  The group was able to provide excellent feedback based on their own experiences as well as what their customers have told them.  Thanks to the session, the project will get underway with both an accurate roadmap and the full support of the people who need it the most.

Whether you are undertaking a major corporate revamp or a simple site refresh, here are some prompts to get you thinking about your current web site.  If the answers they raise lead to even trickier questions, contact us to find the solutions.

Business Case

  • Why did we want this web site?
  • What did we need this web site to achieve?
  • What does our audience want this web site to provide?
  • What does our audience need this web site to provide?
  • Has the web site achieved those goals?
  • Has this web site actually helped the business?
  • Do we anticipate changes this year in our market or funding streams?
  • What happens if we do not change our web site?


  • How relevant is our current site?
  • How user-friendly is our site?
  • Is our site about our customers or our company?
  • What features of our current site should go onto the next site?
  • What features of our current site need to go?
  • What new content needs to be added?
  • Was our site submitted to and designed for search engines?
  • Does our site meet legal compliance?
  • Is our web site accessible to people with disabilities, and does it meet web standards?
  • What are our SEO and social media strategies?
  • What ownership and staffing issues have come up with our web site?


  • How are we measuring our analytics? Quality or quantity?
  • How do we promote our site?
  • How many people visit our site?
  • Where do they come from?
  • How do people find our site?
  • Which pages are most popular?
  • What feedback have we had about the site?
  • How do we encourage feedback on the site?


  • How many visitors become customers, and how many customers become visitors?
  • How many visitors refer the site to others?
  • How many visitors engage (newsletter signups, etc) but do not convert to paying customers?
  • How many visitors initiate a purchase (buy, join, etc) but do not complete it?
  • What data are we capturing from visitors?

Our Competition

  • What sort of web sites do our competitors have?
  • Are their web sites successful or not?
  • What are they doing that’s better?
  • What are we doing that’s better?
  • What are their SEO and social media strategies?


  • Who developed our current site? How was the development process?
  • What is the project management relationship between our designers and us?
  • How friendly are our designers? What’s their attitude towards us?
  • How accountable is our web team to us, and how accountable are we to them?
  • Are their any major technical issues with our current site?
  • How much did our current site cost to create?
  • How much has it cost us since it went live?
  • How do we update our current site?
  • How extensible is our current site?


  • How do we measure the success of our site?
  • What criteria do we use to determine that the site is successful?
  • How do we involve our visitors and customers in that evaluation?
  • How will we apply the above to the new site?

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