Quick Potato Dauphinoise

potato dauphinoise

I’ve been treating myself to this pre-prepared potato dauphinoise from the local supermarche but wanted to have a go myself. I looked up many recipes and there seemed top be complete disagreement as to the ingredients so I made a kind of hybrid between them all and in turned up amazingly close to the pre-prepared version without the additives etc and a tad less garlic.


Peel 4-5 medium sized potato (variety suitable for baking preferred)
Slice thinly approx 4-5mm slices and layer in a buttered baking tray
Put 1x cup of milk and 1 x cup of cream in a pan and bring to simmer
Add to taste with garlic butter
Add nutmeg as required  

Optional: sliced onion
Pour simmered mixture over the sliced pots
Cook at Gas Mark 7 or 220 C for 30 mins

Optional: Add a thin layer of grated cheese
This recipe stores well in a chilled fridge and is happy to be reheated.I will have to try cooking this using a microwave oven only and finishing off under a grill as I see no reason why this ovenless method wouldn’t work.


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