6 in 10 Marketers Spending More on Content Marketing in 2010

For the third straight year, marketers are planning to spend significantly more on their content marketing efforts.  For 2010, approximately six in 10 marketing professionals surveyed plan to increase their spending on content initiatives. The January, 2010 findings came from a survey of 259 marketing professionals.

 Key Content Marketing Survey Findings:

  • According to the survey, Content Marketing Spending comprises 33% of the total marketing budget (up 11% from 2008)
  • Smaller companies spend more than 2x that of larger companies on content marketing
  • Marketers are increasing their focus on mobile content solutions
  • Only 7% of marketers are spending less on content in 2010


Download the complete content marketing spending report here (no signup required).  

2010 Content Marketing Spending


59% of marketers surveyed plan to increase content marketing spending in 2010, compared with 56% in 2009 and 42% in 2008.


Content Product Breakdown


Marketers are leveraging new media content products more than ever – nearly 3/4 are leveraging content through social media and a majority are tapping into blogs and enewsletters. White papers and case studies continue to be mainstays in the content marketing portfolio.


Content Marketing Education


The clear winner for educational needs is mobile content marketing solutions, up 63% from 2009 survey figures.  Considering only 10% are currently using mobile content marketing, 2011 should show a dramatic increase in that area.


Download the complete content marketing spending report here (no signup required).


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