David Byrne bike racks in NYC…

David Byrne is worrying about the government. The musician and writer designed 11 bike racks to be placed in neighbourhoods around Manhattan. The DOT apparently has the authority to put these things in place, but if they’re going to stay for more than a year and be considered ‘permanent fixtures,’ the city’s Design Commission gets final say.

That year expired last week, and Byrne wrote a testy blog post about the Commission’s decision. Seems the city accepted the 9 racks that had already been placed, but as a political move, they denied installing the last two. The decision to require that the last two racks get tossed in the trash, Byrne says, is because the Design Commission was angry that they were passed over on the DOT’s original decision to install the racks.

Why is this important? Well, one of the bike racks that will never be installed was based on a brand of the cheap booze brand, Thunderbird. Such a shame!

[blog originally posted at GetOutdoors]


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