Wild Camping in Scotland to be controlled?

From Loch Lomond – September 2008

It looks like the acts of drunken idiots may result in restrictions on wild camping around Loch Lomond in Scotland.

Unlike England and Wales, Scotland has always offered campers and motorhomers the ‘right to camp wild’ – meaning that Scotland’s large expanses of beautiful countryside are far more open to motorhomers than similar areas in the rest of the UK.

Unfortunately, as is so often the case, the actions of the few look likely to ruin this privilege for the rest of us. According to an article in The Times, wild camping on Loch Lomond’s east shore looks likely to be banned by next Spring, thanks to people who leave “the remains of tents, burnt down trees, abandoned campfires and countless bags of rubbish” behind once they have finished camping in the area.

Hopefully this problem (and its remedies) will be restricted to this popular area of Scotland, not extended to apply to the much larger areas of rural Scotland that don’t routinely experience these problems.

[read The Times article here]


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