Vincent Laforet First Look: Jamie O’Brien…

I’m currently working with Vincent Laroret through a client, Glidetrack.

Anyway, here’s what Vincent has to say about this work:

“Here is a first look at the Jamie OBrien project. This is a reel of some of the best shots from the 3 week project. I would like to point out that this first look does not reflect our ultimate goal of producing a more in depth documentary that includes interviews with Jamie and other influential members of the surfing community. One of the reasons that its taken me this long to get this short cut up on the blog is that weve been working on the two cuts simultaneously.

My goal all along has been to NOT make yet another surf film as those have already been made and made very well by some incredibly talented filmmakers – and shot over a much longer period of time where budgets and time allow the filmmakers to wait for the perfect conditions / swell. During the 3 weeks in Hawaii – we probably saw 5 days of sun, and 2-3 days of decent (but relatively small) waves. I was well aware of some of these challenges (weather is always a huge factor when shooting in the winter months in Hawaii) and made a point from the beginning to draw upon my experience as a photojournalist to work towards producing a different type of film. I hope to be able to share that with you at some point in the upcoming months.”


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