MINI marks Countryman’s territory…

MINIWOOD is the title of the latest viral video from MINI.

Created to promote the introduction of the Countryman at the Geneva Motor Show, the video follows a group of young professionals on a clandestine mission to get a “hyper-dimensional projection of ‘MINIWOOD’ onto the mountain cliff facing the city.” The projection is created by using a jigsaw to cut ‘MINI’ and ‘WOOD’ into pieces of particleboard, then after some careful setup, the Countryman’s “slightly modified” high-beams are shined through them.

While you’re probably motivated to pull out your toolbox, be forewarned, this is a fake “making-of” video. The real (30 metre x 192 metre) image was created by several “high-performance projectors with 348,000 Ansi lumen.” They illuminated an area of over 5,760 square meters thanks to their massive output of 28,000 watts.

Besides the lighting display, MINI plastered Geneva with MINIWOOD stars (which are placed on downtown sidewalks) and film posters entitled “MINI Countryman – GETAWAY.”

According to MINI Communications, “Guerrilla marketing plays an especially important part in MINI communications. That is why the launch of the new MINI Countryman will also be accompanied by characteristically unconventional and eye-catching marketing campaigns that are deliberately designed to appeal to the brand’s modern target groups.”

[blog first posted on WorldCarFans]


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