Perception Dancer – still worth keeping?

We’ve recently resurrected the first kayak that I owned – a Perception Dancer, and I’m trying to restore the original colour somewhat. The reason being that it was somewhat handier on Windermere and Ullswater recently than the Necky Jive we also had on the rack.

So with that in mind I have being doing a spot of research online to find others views on the boat in the present day,  and came across this interesting forum, and there’s some reviews of the dancer from other paddlers here.

Compared to that, here’s some reviews of the Necky Jive that we also have in the garage. OK, so the design dates back to circa 1998, but it is a great allrounder – as this article makes VERY clear.

Going back to the Dancer, then I guess if it is a keeper for anything other than an occasional spare when folk want to join us for a trial paddle then we’ll be looking to procure some form of removable skeg – for longer trips on slow rivers, lakes and coastal tides beyond the surf. Any ideas would be appreciated…


6 thoughts on “Perception Dancer – still worth keeping?

  1. Well, was it worth keeping? My lad (14) has one and is thoroughly cheesed off with it as he cannot paddle it in a straight line! Perhaps it’s just not suitable for flat water use. like you, I am looking for a skeg to try and aid tracking. Others have said that it can be paddled in a straight line – it’s just a matter of technique. Probably true, but if the technique is difficult to achieve, then it could result in the kayaker just giving up and returning to the X-Box!

    • Gday Mike. Explain to your son that to steer these great little kayaks, all he needs to do is point his toes where he wants to go. Turn at the hips and direct the front of the boat towards the direction he wants to go. Dancers are quite easy to keep in a straight line. Really….
      The paddle grips the water and you move your body past it turning and directing your boat with your hips and legs. People often get confused that the paddle is the steering tool. Hope that helps. Much more fun than an xbox!

  2. I have one + I love it ! There is a technique to paddling it straight, + that is rhythm ! It is a great boat, you should definitely keep it. I love that the boat responds to the movements of my hips so readily, I know the boat so well + know exactly how it will respond to me.

  3. My Dancer has a removeavle skeg. It’s a one-piece molded skeg and ring which slips over the stern of the kayak and is secured by a cord around the cockpit coaming. It works wonders but creates a little drag.

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