Great post about Ryan Tatar‘s “Retrostalgic Afterglow” surf photography on The Adventure Life:

Photographer Ryan Tatar’s pictures of surf culture tug at the tattered nostalgic edge of your imagination, the frayed hem of threadbare cutoffs stained and perfumed with old surfboard wax…

Using film cameras from the 1960s and ’70s, he shoots in a saturated Kodachrome 64 glow, bordered with Holga vignetting and highlighted with the occasional sunflare imported from California 1972. It’s decidely now, but it could be yesterday, or the day before.

Despite what you might guess, his photos are not tinted or manipulated digitally. The funky colors and fuzzy vision are created by the use of old lenses, old film, and one-hour photo processing. And you can buy them in the form of old-school paper–some are available as limited edition prints.

[click here for the full article and more images]


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