Welcome to the world of rockhopping…

Welcome to the world of rockhopping, an activity slotting neatly into the gap between playboating and sea kayaking. And we just acquired a boat designed specifically for this pursuit…

Rockhopping is ”close to shore” saltwater paddling: short trips and playing the sea, calm or wild. Rocky coastlines, blue skies, rock gardens, swells, surf, tides and tide races – all combining to ensure the perfect rockhopping experience.

The Rockhopper’s unique hull shape provides high stability and extreme manoeuvrability, an ideal combination for close shore exploration in wind and wave. Although the Rockhopper is aimed at those with the skills required to kayak in extreme conditions, the high stability means the kayak can also be used by beginners (who may find conventional sea kayaks unstable and difficult to manoeuvre).

Stats & Facts Features
Model RH340 High impact Mettalatek moulded hull.
Length 356cm Single retractable fin.
Width 64cm

Watertight rear gear compartment with sealed bulkhead and hatch.
Weight 25kg

Watertight front buoyancy zone.
Max Load 125kg Rear adjusting padded backstrap.


Green Full plate footrest.
Yellow Webbing grab loops & Thigh grips.
Orange Unique security graphics.

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