share your paddling photos on Facebook, get published and receive free gear…

Werner Paddles announced this week, that they’re using their “friends” to shoot the photos for their next catalogue. The paddle company is soliciting wannabe photographers from their network of friends on Facebook to post “Werner paddle”-tagged photos onto Facebook and they’ll pick their favorites for the catalogue. Winners get their choice of paddle from the company’s line.

Marketing Manager, Jim Werner, explains their strategy:

Werner Paddles has a ton of great friends on Facebook. A lot of our friends tag their pictures with “Werner Paddles” when they post them. This is gone a little viral and we think it is cool so we came up with a contest for choosing our catalog photos.

Werner claims it’s not a simple popularity contest. Getting your friends to “like” your photo a thousand times will not necessarily get your shot in the catalogue – the final winners are up to the design folks at Werner.

So, get out there, snap a photo of your mates dropping a waterfall soon, because the contest ends on May 17th. To get fully up to speed on this promotion go to Werner Paddles’ Facebook Page or their website.

I think it’s a great idea. Maybe Black Diamond will think it is too? Or Arc’teryx, or Patagonia, or Specialized….


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