Barclays eyes route into F1 through Red Bull Racing…

Sebastian Vettel (GER), Red Bull Racing, drives past his team on the pitwall, Malaysian Grand Prix, Sepang Circuit, 04.04.2010 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / Copyright: Mark Thompson / Getty Images

It would appear that British banking giant Barclays – currently the title sponsor of England’s Premier League football competition, with its three-year deal estimated at close to £80 million – is looking for a road into formula one.

Although Barclays has apparently denied the report, sources have told Marketing Magazine that the London based bank, which according to Forbes is the world’s 25th largest company, is in talks with Red Bull Racing.

Meanwhile, RBS is pulling out of its Williams deal at the end of this season, and Holland’s ING left Renault amid the crashgate scandal of 2009.

But Spain’s Santander is strongly involved with both Ferrari and the British team McLaren, having successfully expanded its European and UK operations. As I blogged in March, Santander was reported to be a claiming a near 60% return on it’s annual F1 spend from just one race!


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