Driving on the M8 requires serious backup…

If you hit a pothole on the M8 (or any other motorway for that matter) beware: It might…

1. puncture 1 or more tyres, unrepairably

2. damage your front bumper and/or diffuser

3. shatter your alloy wheels

4. damage the suspension of your car

5. not be regarded as an ‘accident’ by your insurer

6. not be regarded as a ‘breakdown’ by your recovery cover – even if you have less spares than punctures

7. be very expensive to get your car home, or require you to own a big enough truck and have a friend with a low loader you can borrow

8. absorb 14+ hours of your date from start to finish

9. be cheaper to buy 4 new wheels and tyres than one – strangely enough

10. definitely be cheaper to travel by public transport

……. as my Fiancee, Susan, can now testiufy!


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