When you’re set on a goal, don’t forget about the journey

My day at Jump’13 got off to a great start with an inspiring presentation from our friend, Andrew Hood of Lynchpin on Tag Mismanagement. Reading between the lines of what Andrew had to say set me thinking about some of the key challenges we face today in marketing, and mistakes that are all to easy to make.

A very common theme I find my team and I are talking to client about right now is measurement: using meaningful KPIs to tell the story of performance amidst the context of key business objectives. Setting goals is the general headline in all this – of course, if we don’t have clear goals it can be really difficult to quantify just how well a business, campaign or asset is performing.

But when setting goals we need to be careful not to automatically pick the obvious: the indicators that simply say what we’re doing right now is right. When we talk measurement, the goals or objectives are the destination ­ the analysis is the journey. By deciding on goals without the benefit of the maths it’s all-too-easy to miss the detail and story of what’s really going on: how what we’re doing relates to relevant consumer trends and how we can capitalise on them.

In his presentation today Andrew directed us towards Garner’s “Hype Cycle“. This interesting perspective places giving an immediate snapshot in the midst of innovation (‘Prescriptive Analytics’), but using proper maths / thorough analysis and data from a range of on and offline data to give a more detailed account right up there on the Plateau of Productivity (‘Predictive Analytics’).

To me it’s that detail that inevitably drives effective strategy, and why I think the journey is often as important as the destination.


[Blog originally posted at: http://www.realise.com/when-youre-set-on-a-goal-dont-forget-about-the-journey/]


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