The Harvebago in the Highlands

The Harvebago is my self-built motorhome, based on a 2001 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 311CDI LWB. It’s a home-from-home on wheels, replacing the old A-Team van with more living, sleeping and storage space…

The Harvebago concept...

The Harvebago van concept…It was inspired by the ‘Devon Sapphire’ and features a fixed double bed, extended storage for 2+ bikes fully assembled beneath and the ability to carry two whitewater kayaks above the bed, wet room with hot/cold shower (11L/min) and cassette toilet, a spacious kitchen area with fridge, microwave, and oven, and a spacious living-dining area with the ability to seat 5-6 and the potential to sleep a further two guests on occasion. Light is provided only via rooflights and the original cab windows, to safeguard security and winter insulation.

The majority of components were acquired from a pre-loved two-berth touring caravan purchased from and carefully destructed at the local caravan dealership. A timber framework was the built to support the donor components before the van was lined with carpet and leatherette and upholstered in faux-suede. More pictures are available in the gallery.
There are also extensive collections of images used in planning the back catalogue of van creations here, as well as plenty of articles documenting the planning and build stages here.

Cruising range is approximately 550 miles on one tank of fuel, and on the motorway will sit comfortably at 90mph+ should be so inclined. The Vehicle also carries 75-litres of water, with a removable 5×4m awning folding out on the kerbside. An integrated roofrack is accessible via steps mounted to the nearside rear door. It is possible to park in conventional car parks which do not have a height restriction (2.2m safely, without roofrack load), although at B&Q or the supermarket it best suits hogging two linear spaces.

[I promise to get some decent interior shots posted soon! this is looking back from the dining area over the kitchen work area to the bed and shower room]

From Harvebago on the road

For more information on the van and project building it, look for the following ‘Harvebago‘ link in the ‘categories’ drop-down box in the right-hand column (or click this links for The old A-Team van – sketches, plans & ideas from the first van conversion I built).

From The Harvebago – how it started life…
From First Chalk-up of the Van
From The Harvebago – how it started life…
From The Harvebago – how it started life…
From The Harvebago – how it started life…

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