For Sale: My Perception Supersonic Kayak…

Please note: I’ve have now sold this to a nice chap called Charlie. Sorry folks – here’s hoping Charlie has as much fun paddling…

This Kayak has provided much fun and has been well cared for in return. It has been stored indoors, away from light from new and remains in excellent condition. It’s great on white water and fun for all levels of ability, but it’s also great in the surf and surprisingly so on flat water.

It’s easy to get the hang of paddling and is responsive to even the most basic of skillsets. The large cockpit is very comfortable (I’ve added some extra foam blocks for fit which are easily removable or modifiable), and no trouble getting a deck to fit.

This is a reluctant sale – my darling future wife bought me a new boat and I am struggling to find space in the garage! This kayak deserves to be paddled and enjoyed.

The Supersonic kayak is the biggest member of the Sonic family. The versatile blend of freestyle performance, speed, comfort and stability. Giving you control to play harder or that extra forgiveness when you need it most.

Length 2.59m | Width 63cm | Weight 18kg | Capacity 60-110kg

The asking price of £300 is a saving of £250 against a new boat, and this one is in a similar condition to what a new one would be after your first weekend of use.

If you want to read some reviews of this design, try here:


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